Our robot goals:
Autonomous: Spin the duck off the carousel. Place a block in the shipping hub. Park in either the warehouse or storage area. Have multiple autonomous programs to complement the strategy of any given alliance partner.
Driver-controlled period: Place 4-6 blocks in the shipping hub or shared shipping hub. 
End game: Spin 10 ducks off the carousel and cap the shipping hub with the team scoring element. 

We designed the robot to incorporate all the team member’s ideas while being as functional as possible. We have an arm to carry freight, rotating servos to spin the carousel, and magnets to carry and cap with the team scoring element. An encoder is used to help us make precise movements on the field during autonomous. Distance sensors are utilized to keep us from hitting the outside walls during both autonomous and driver control. We also use color and light sensors to tell us if we have successfully picked up freight and delivered it. A webcam attached to the front of the robot is used to detect the position of the duck on the barcode and our autonomous uses this information to place our preloaded freight on the appropriate level.

Our robot has various unique parts. One is the ability to successfully carry any type of freight. We also use magnets to pick up our team scoring element and place it on the top of the team shipping hub. We can complete any given task in this season’s game. We tried to make our robot as versatile as possible to be an asset to our alliance partner.